Senior Pet Care in Littleton, CO

At Coal Mine Animal Hospital, we take senior pet care very seriously. A pet’s golden years are a time to make them as comfortable as possible, but it’s also important to consider that a different level of care is often needed for senior pets.

Wellness Care for Senior Pets

two senior dogs
senior orange cat

Your pet’s wellness program will change and evolve as they age. We often recommend the following, as needed by each pet:

  • Regular blood screening – checks for changes in health
  • Regular physical exam – checks for lumps-and-bumps, as well as physical discomfort
  • Nutritional counseling – our pet’s dietary needs change as they age
  • Dental examinations during wellness checks – dental disease is a serious condition leading to further physical health complications if not treated
  • Pain management and alternative therapies – Coal Mine Animal Hospital is equipped to meet your pet’s needs with pain management, because many senior pets are affected by physical discomfort, sometimes caused by arthritis.

Senior Pet Care and Support

We know that your pet’s aging process is a new experience for both of you, because it’s different for every pet. Our team is committed to being there for you, to answer your questions, to offer you care options, and to listen to your concerns. Please contact us if you have questions about your senior pet’s health. We look forward to meeting with you and your pet, and answering your questions.