Looking to Adopt?

Save a life- adopt a shelter pet! The Humane Society of the United States estimates that animal shelters in the US take in 6-8 million dogs and cats every year. About half of those animals are euthanized. There are plenty of wonderful pets in shelters and rescue groups waiting for their “furrever” homes! You can help by adopting your next pet from an animal shelter or rescue organization. Below is a list of several animal shelters and rescue groups as well as national adoption groups with links to their websites:

The American Humane Society: www.humanesociety.org
The Shelter Pet Project: www.shelterpetproject.org
PetFinder: www.petfinder.com
Angels with Paws (cats): www.angelswithpaws.net
Cat Care Society (cats): www.catcaresociety.org
Cavy Care Inc. (guinea pigs): www.cavycareinc.org
Colorado House Rabbit Society (rabbits): www.coloradohrs.com
Dumb Friend’s League: www.ddfl.org
Evergreen Animal Protective League: www.eapl.com
Ferret Dreams Rescue and Adoption (ferrets):
Foothills Animal Shelter:
The Gabriel Foundation (birds):
Humane Society of the South Platte Valley:
Intermountain Humane Society:
Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue:

Other Ways that You Can Help