Helpful Links from Coal Mine Animal Hospital

Coal Mine Animal Hospital is all about client education! We firmly believe that the more educated pet owners are, the better they are at caring for their own pets. The following educational links have been hand-picked by our veterinarians, in effort to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date pet care information available.

Remember, these links are educational only and should not be used to replace professional veterinary care. If you have questions about your pet’s health, please call us and schedule an appointment with us.

Animal Rescue/adoption organizations:

Angels with Paws (cats)
Cat Care Society (cats)
Cavy Care Inc. (guinea pigs)
Colorado House Rabbit Society (rabbits)
Dumb Friend’s League
Evergreen Animal Protective League
Ferret Dreams Rescue and Adoption (ferrets)
Foothills Animal Shelter
The Gabriel Foundation (birds)
Humane Society of the South Platte Valley
Intermountain HumaneSociety
Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue

Veterinary resources:

Animal Poison Control
American Animal Hospital Association
American Veterinary Medical Association
Companion Animal Parasite Counsel
Healthy Pets, Healthy People from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Pet Insurance Information:

Pet insurance Review
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance
Embrace Pet Insurance
Trupanion Pet Insurance
VPI Pet Insurance
10 Best Pet Insurance 2018

Pet Loss and Bereavement:

Denver Pet Loss Support Group
Pet Partners

Animal Welfare organizations:


To report animal abuse or cruelty:

Colorado Humane Society and SPCA
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office: 303-277-0211

If you have found an injured bird of prey:

Rocky Mountain Raptor Program